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The Adobe Inn Cantina
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The Adobe Inn, Mexican Restaurant in Ridgway, Colorado
Blog entry by Cindy Donohue 

"I absolutely love Mexican food and one of my favorite Mexican foods, is the crispy chili relleno. A good crispy chili relleno is truly my comfort food and whenever I find one I come back to it time and time again. The Adobe truly has one of the best crispy relleno’s in the Montrose/Ridgway area. What I love about the Adobe’s Relleno is that I don’t have to ask for my sauce on the side. There is nothing that will ruin a crispy relleno faster than drowning it in sauce – even if said sauce is fantastic, I like my crispy relleno’s to truly be crispy."

What’s really amazing is not that the rellenos and the salad are incredible, but that the side dishes are outstanding as well. I don’t normally like side dishes at Mexican restaurants because they tend to be very bland beans and rice. Well, these sides are different. The Inn sends out its meals with some of the best beans (anasazi beans grown in Dobe Creek, Colorado) I’ve had and a corn casserole that is heavenly. I have not had the pleasure of tasting a better corn casserole yet. In fact, I would love to have the corn casserole, relleno and salad recipes."

Colorado's Finest Small-Town Restaurants and Their Recipes
by David Gruber (paperback)

"The Adobe Inn has developed a widespread reputation for outstanding Mexican food, not only domestically but internationally as well. Their mix of ingredients and preparation results in some uncommonly good common dishes. Their BEEF ENCHILADA, which I tried with the bright-red vegetarian rojo (red chili) sauce, was made with soft flour tortillas and had a distinctive flavor. The CHILE RELLENO with the verde (green chili) sauce, uses New Mexico-style pork and a crisp flour tortilla. The chile just melted in my mouth. The BEAN TOSTADA with mozzarella cheese, frijoles, lettuce, tomato, green onions, guacamole and sour cream on a crunchy, fluffy shell that broke easily with a fork was a splendid suffusion of flavors. The corn casserole side dish prepared with cornmeal, corn and chili peppers was very tasty.

The Adobe Inn's specialties include chicken, cheese and shredded beef enchiladas; beef and cheese chimichangas; a chicken and cheese flauta; and bean, beef and bean or chicken and bean burritos.

They serve four distinguished sauces: Besides the rojo and verde, they have suiza, a chicken broth made with tomatillos and cilantro; and tomato cream, consisting of tomatoes, eggs, cream, cilantro and chilies.

For a true taste of Mexican cuisine in a South-of-the-Border environment, put The Adobe Inn on your dinner card."



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